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300 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211
Dose Projects is pleased to present Future Artifact, an exhibition of screen-based digital media artworks in conjunction with Creative Tech Week. The videos and animations represent a variety of technologies which contemporary artists are using including computer-generated animation, data-driving imaging, 3D scanning, custom software, animated GIF's, as well as conventional digital video editing. Together the selected artworks evoke the digital sublime whether it is through their meditative temporal pacing or their elegantly rendered effects. However, each nurtures a sense of anticipation with a restrained use of image, narrative and form. Curated by Creative Tech Week presenting artist Laura Splan.

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Julia Buntaine
Corsin Billeter
Taylor Ervin
Danielle Ezzo & Anton Marini
Snow Yunxue Fu
Banggeul Han
Sophie Barrett-Kahn
Ullrich Klose
Christopher MacInnes
James Proctor
Nathan Selikoff
Laura Skocek