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Plan 23 Psychedelic Immersion Theater

New York City
New York's experimental sonic explorations group "Plan 23" (plan23.net) presents its "Psychedelic Immersion Theater" - an extended, immersive, audio-visual show experience that bends one's perception of time & space.

Encompassing a sonic spectrum from dark-ambient to noise, drone to 21st century electronic, live generated visuals become a function of the psychedelic sounds via mental feedback loop to the sound processing. The performers' brainwave activity will be visualized in real-time through brain-wave detectors. The brain-wave signal will influence and modulate the live visuals.

Come and witness telepathic artistic live communication made visible!

Emerged out of Bushwick in 2012 "Plan 23" is comprised of: Dok Gregory [Amoeba, ZGT, Psychic TV], Peter Principle [Tuxedomoon], Karl Scholz [Rubalad], Jeremy Slater aka "( )" [ROTC, Frogwell, tu, EMP], and WvS [Ab Uno Pluribus, Data Nerds].

The live video and brainwave visualization team are Masahiro Kahata [Psychic Lab], Zarah Cabanas (aka Lady Firefly), Chris Jordan and VJ Fuzzy Bastard [Azerbaijan A/V Club]. Opening and intermission DJ sets by "driver235". BYOB. $10.