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Monday, May 2


Keynote: Ann Rosenberg, Vice President, Head of Global SAP University Alliances
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Ann Rosenberg

Vice President, Head of Global SAP University Alliances | SAP SE, SAP
Join me in empowering youth all over the world, and inspiring the passion in the individual person to do everything -- and bring your passion to work too. It doesn't matter where you come from and what your background is, what matters is to find your passion in yourself and follow... Read More →



Fresh Education Will Change the Way You Teach and Learn 
This session will provide participants with the pedagogical approaches and strategies the Fresh Education team use to engage students in grades 6-12 to enhance academic competency and student achievement. Participants will be taken through a brief experiential culturally responsive lesson that incorporates music into ELA and Social Studies classrooms. The NEA defines Culturally responsive pedagogy (CRP) as "using the cultural knowledge, prior experiences, frames of reference, and performance styles of diverse students to make curricula more relevant and accessible for them. Culturally responsive pedagogy teaches to and through the strengths of diverse students. It is 'validating and affirming.'" Participants will be introduced to the resources where youth culture can be accessed, such as worldstarhiphop.com, Instagram, Black Twitter, and the ‘trending’ section of Google. Participants will then be tasked to reflect on the the impact this could have for our classrooms, schools. teachers, and educational policy, as a whole.

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James Miles

Fresh Professor, Urban Arts Partnership
JAMES MILES, the Fresh Professor, is an adjunct professor at NYU and is the Project Director of Fresh Ed at Urban Arts Partnership. A Master Teaching Artist that has been worked in arts education for over 15 years. He has facilitated workshops and designed curriculum for the New Victory... Read More →
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Jamel Mims

Fresh Prep Program Manager, Rapper & Multimedia Artist, Urban Arts Partnership
Jamel Mims is a multimedia artist, hip hop pedagogue, and activist on the front lines in the battle against the mass incarceration. Mims was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for his multimedia ethnography, The Misadventures of MC Tingbudong—a collection of photos, film and videos... Read More →

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Urban Arts Partnership

Urban Arts Partnership advances the intellectual, social and artistic development of underserved public school students through arts-integrated education programs to close the achievement gap... Read More →


Programming Languages as an Art Medium
A programming language is perhaps the most direct conduit between human thought and computer logic. Intervening in this space, programmers and artists have created systems of logic and language that explore how strange that transition is. This hacker folk art emerged in the early 90s from Amiga culture, when the bar between professional coders and hobbyists was low, and everything on the machine was a place for creative experiment. The Whitespace language allows one to program using only tab, space, and return. The language Shakespeare asks us to write in a play format, where the positive or negative associations of words control how the machine responds. Other languages read code in the form of photographs, images, or music. Some are only written by mistake; others are impossible to write code in at all.

Furthermore, "esoteric languages" (as they're known) are dematerialized works; collaborative, open-ended, defined by a list of rules rather than any particular implementation. To write code in one is to experience the work while contributing to it. Some take the language far beyond what the original artist intended, or create their own interpreters that expand on the concepts. This is a great model for the potential of distributed, digital art practice.

This exploration of programming languages as a creative medium will focus on concepts and ideas; it is not highly technical -- folks with little programming experience are welcome to join.

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Daniel Temkin

Artist, Daniel Temkin
Hi. I'm here to talk about programming languages as an art medium (esolangs and related code art). I'm interested in practices that misuse code && data, including glitch and algorithmic photography.


Creative Technology for All
¡Sunset Spark! teaches creative technology classes like robotics, game design, procedural art, and fashion technology to thousands of K-12 students throughout the school year. Every student deserves a rich curriculum in creative tech subjects.  The founders will discuss the importance of teaching creative technology classes to all types of learners, including English language learners, students in special ed, and students perceived as low performers, and the changes schools and communities need to make to allow that to happen.

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Gaelen Hadlett

Director, Sunset Spark
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Yadira Hadlett

Director, Sunset Spark


Teaching Technology to Youth Who Learn Differently
Tech Kids Unlimited was founded and is directed by Beth Rosenberg, an experienced educator who has a degree in education technology and a son who learns differently. Special needs students are rarely given the opportunity to be creators, makers and technologists in typical in-school or after school programs. Conversely, it is exactly these special students who seem to have a natural proficiency for technology concepts because of their neurological differences.

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Beth Rosenberg

Founder/Director, Tech Kids Unlimited
Beth Rosenberg, Founder/Director, started Tech Kids Unlimited in 2009, after realizing that her son who learns differently, loved technology but wasn’t being exposed to it during the school day. She is on the faculty at NYU-Tandon School of Engineering in the Department of Technology... Read More →


Digital Canvas - ikonoTV reshaping your art experience
Why isn't art as popular as music (yet)? Elizabeth Markevitch's reaction to this question was very direct and clear: a TV channel that brings art into people's homes, all around the world. A pioneer art project interdependent with the highest technology. ikonoTV is the first television channel broadcasting art and only art 24/7 on HD (via SmartTV, satellite and web streaming). Since 2010, this unique project brings to an increasing number of households on-air curated exhibitions of art films from the most diverse cultures, by working in close collaboration with more than 1000 international artists and over 200 collections, image archives, and the world's leading art institutions. By showing art free of any additional commentary and sound, ikonoTV allows an international audience to experience the moving image as a pure form of narration, and reinforces the idea of art as a truly universal and timeless language. What ikono means: Accessibility Bias For Emotion Constant Desire For Renewal Daring To Be Slow

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Elizabeth Markevitch

founder and CEO, ikonoTV
Elizabeth Markevitch is an art professional and the founder of ikono, an international platform for visual arts broadcasting. She has since the '80s served numerous important roles in the international art establishment (Artemis Art Fund, Schröder Bank, Sotheby’s). In 1998, she... Read More →


What Kind Of Stories Do We Want to Leave Our Children?
We often ask ourselves what kind of a planet we want to leave our children. But what kind of stories will we leave them? Stories shape our paths to address social issues. Join Lina to discuss how the stories we tell and how we share them will shape the way we create social impact.

avatar for Lina Srivastava

Lina Srivastava

Regarding Humanity
Lina has worked with a group of social impact organizations, including UNESCO, the World Bank, UNICEF, the Rockefeller Foundation, MobileActive, Internews, 3Generations, Shine Global, and BYkids. An attorney by training from New York University School of Law, Lina has been involved... Read More →


Drawing Our Way to Compassion
Fresh off of Tribeca Interactive Playground, I will discuss my two new interrelated projects, VRDoodler and Haven, an online 3D drawing tool that can host VR illustrations of audio recordings by political refugees. In these days of overwhelming news of war and suffering, how can we care more? Can a line drawing in VR effect more empathy than the hyperreal?

avatar for Cindy Bishop

Cindy Bishop

digital artist + coder, VR Doodler/MIT
Cindy Sherman Bishop is a visual artist, filmmaker, and digital creative. Originally a software developer and a painter, her work ranges from creating new tools for artistic expression to realizing immersive, interactive environments with full-body interaction. She received her MFA... Read More →


The downsides of being 'smart' and how I overcame them
Like many CTW attendees, I grew up strong on technology and analysis. I achieved a lot of academic success. I was creative in that I solved problems, but nobody would call my results meaningful. I showed little vulnerability and so shared little intimacy. I didn't have much purpose, however successful my results seemed by outside standards. By the time I gave my three LISA talks, I had developed some artistic expression, but had a long way to go to learn about meaning, value, importance, and purpose. Over the past ten years, I've allowed myself to develop in ways I couldn't before, shifting my focus from knowledge, facts, and rules to emotions and relationships. The result has been enjoying life more, creating more (mutually) rewarding relationships, and more outward success as well. I believe anyone can benefit from going through these changes and that sharing my development, as a creative technologist, will help focus and accelerate their process.

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Joshua Spodek

Professor, NYU


Interactive Public Art with New Technology Can Help Make A Better World
Digitally Interactive Artist, Paige Dansinger has creative ideas for Interactive Public Art that contributes to healing the world and making it a better place with new technology. Paige will demonstrate in this presentation how emerging new mobile technology and social media can be used in Interactive Public Art and museums in fun, playful and new ways by creating social games-like experiences, interactive public artwork that contributes to social good, and by participating in new art experiences happening right now on our mobile phones in the city streets, our museums, classrooms, and public spaces- creating stimulating new art experiences.

Paige's creative ideas uses new M2M, or "Machine to Machine" mobile sensors that enable many new forms of engagement. Including, being able to tweet to artwork, have artwork or galleries communicate with each other and share new forms of storytelling directly to one's mobile device. These emerging technologies can lead new forms of social gaming and museum education. Smart-devices for environmental and personal wearable sensors have the ability to transform public spaces and museums into global experience centers.

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Paige Dansinger

Founder, GalleryPaige
http://ctw.nyc/speakers/paige-dansinger?fromSched=1Paige Dansinger creates traditional and digital artworks which reanimate the history of art. Creating the prototype #DrawArt mobile application in 2012 she established herself as a specialist in developing digital engagement experiences... Read More →


Disrupting K-12 public education by focusing on the development of scalable tools, practices and technology and closing the achievement gap.

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Erin Mote

Executive Director, InnovateEDU


The Poetics App and Education
The Poetics app was released in the App Store as an artwork focused on visual poetry, spreading around the world and used in various art exhibitions and poetry projects by its creator.  Then a suprise twist occurred.  Teachers began downloading the app and using it in the classroom across a wide range of academic subjects and grade levels, including special needs.  

This presentation shares the story of how art, poetry, education and literacy met through the creation of an app artwork, including research and development now underway with professors at Columbia Teacher's College and NYU, focused on the app, arts-centered learning, and multimodal literacy.  

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Seth Indigo Carnes

Seth Indigo Carnes is an artist whose work explores the boundaries of contemporary culture: high/low, private/public, self/group, nature/machine. His latest projects include Poetics, a visual poetry app, and +ArtApp, an organization researching and expanding knowledge around the... Read More →


What do whales sing?
This is a presentation of a project that BEGAN AT LISA a few years ago. I gave a talk on how I needed to find a data visualizer to create a new way of graphically making sense of humpback whale songs. Someone in the audience suggested Michael Deal. Five years later the project is done, a CD is out, along with a new way to make sense of this amazing phenomenon.

In the 1970s millions of copies of the first recording of Songs of the Humpback Whale were sold. It is the best-selling nature recording of all time.

Thing is, whales change their songs over time. And underwater sound recording techniques have tremendously improved since then.

So what do today's humpback songs sound like? David Rothenberg asked the world's leading whale song experts to send him

their best recordings, and he took out the underwater noise to make them sound even better.

Data visualizer Michael Deal invented a new way to transcribe these sounds so that their structure and beauty are more evident.

Whale songs inspired the global movement to save the whales, and people are often moved to tears by their beauty. Hear this beauty

more clearly than ever before, and understand how it works through this new method of visualization which has already had impact in the worlds of music and science alike.

The clearest description of the project can be found here

avatar for David Rothenberg and Michael Deal

David Rothenberg and Michael Deal

Professor of Philosophy and Music, New Jersey Institute of Technology
David Rothenberg, musician and philosopher, records on ECM and teaches at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is the author of Why Birds Sing, Thousand Mile Song, Survival of the Beautiful, and his latest, Bug Music. He has sixteen CDs out, the latest being Cicada Dream Band... Read More →


Developing Digital Skills for Women
avatar for Amira Dhalla

Amira Dhalla

Lead, Global Participation, Mozilla Foundation
While at Mozilla I've launched education programs around the world, created open curriculum to teaching web literacy, developed the organizations first ever gender program and partnered with a wide range of organizations. I'm passionate about protecting the web, creating change for... Read More →

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The Pattern Alphabet - a STEAM tool for understanding how nature builds in 2D and 3D
With the newly released Pattern Alphabet, na2ure’s thesis of teaching kids about nature through play is now a unique genre of games.
Mating nature as the supreme designer, with our evolutionary skills of pattern recognition, and conceptual classification, Wolf will show how STEAM skills of science, math and art blend into a continuum. This creative thinking platform is designed for our next generations to understand Biomimicry intuitively, a skill they will need to live with, and not simply on, our earth.

avatar for Alex Wolf

Alex Wolf

Founder, Inventor, na2ure
As a RISD artist, Alex is fascinated with how we see, and as a designer, with how we optimize seeing as understanding. As a mother and inventor, Alex makes visual learning playable and concepts playful. na2ure’s platforms are the springboard for analog and digital games about nature... Read More →

Tuesday, May 3


Community Hub Keynote: Susanna Pollack

Founded in 2004, Games for Change facilitates the creation and distribution of social impact games that serve as critical tools in humanitarian and educational efforts.

We aim to leverage entertainment and engagement for social good. To further grow the field, Games for Change convenes multiple stakeholders, highlights best practices, incubates games, and helps create and direct investment into new projects.

avatar for Susanna Pollack

Susanna Pollack

President, Games for Change
Susanna Pollack is the President of Games for Change.  With a background in media and entertainment, she now leads the nationally recognized organization and produces the annual Games for Change Festival, the largest gaming event in NYC as well as the Games and Media Summit in partnership... Read More →

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Rogue Making, Mentoring America's Next Engineers
Tenaya Hurst of Berkeley California brings her maker movement experience to CTW.  She tours the U.S. teaching workshops in wearable technology, soldering, and programming electronics.  Are we bridging the technology gap, making more opportunities available to all children?  Innovation is something that doesn't just happen, all children deserve to use technology as their ultimate medium of creativity.


Tenaya Hurst

CEO, Rogue Making

Tuesday May 3, 2016 11:15am - 11:30am
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230


Code Liberation
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Adelle Lin

Director, Code Liberation Foundation
the Code Liberation Foundation offers free development workshops in order to facilitate the creation of video game titles by women.

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Learn/Play - When games meet science
Filippo and Tamar will discuss lessons learned during the design and development of "Future Energy Chicago", an award winning digital exhibition Potion has created for the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. They will focus on the delicate balance between educating about complex scientific concepts, and providing a satisfying game/learning experience. They will share the process, iteration and evolution of the Future Energy of Chicago exhibit.

avatar for Tamar Ziv

Tamar Ziv

Developer, Potion Design
Creative programming, Spacial design, designing experiences for education and learning.

avatar for Potion Design

Potion Design

The Potion Design Studio crafts technology into intuitive interactive experiences. Our teams collaborate with cultural, institutional, and corporate clients and express their stories in new digital forms that educate, entertain, and delight people all around the world.

Tuesday May 3, 2016 2:15pm - 2:30pm
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230


Black in Tech
I will be doing a short 1-on-1 panel discussing life of being a Caribbean-American Engineer as well time spent educating high school minorities about opportunities in the tech space

avatar for Dwayne Jones

Dwayne Jones

Engineer, Private

Tuesday May 3, 2016 2:30pm - 2:45pm
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230


from colanders to pixels, an illustrated history of re-purposing and invention for synesthetic media and performance
an illustrated talk on the evolution and history if 'synesthetic' and audiovisual art and performance through the lens of its tools with a strong focus on practices of experimentation, re-purposing, DIY but also early practices of sharing and open source. Navigating throughout the centuries towards our times several artists and inventors have dedicated their minds developing their own tools of expression for synesthetic and multimodal performances: the search of crossed senses experiences has been since a long time one of the most innovating arts exploiting medias and merging their natures. Throughout these explorations not only media was exploited and created but also technologies, artifacts and objects were explored in innovation and unexpected ways to achieve the objectives of immersive audio visual experiences. From colanders and eggbeaters, to film itself and ballistic war machines, improbable technologies were used with poetic purposes.

avatar for Rui Pereira

Rui Pereira

Creative Technologist, Google
Rui Pereira is a Portuguese technologist, designer and educator based in NY. Passioned about people and technology Rui spends his time finding novel an unexpected ways to create interactive experiences that are expressive and delightful. Rui has worked as an Interaction Design consultant... Read More →

Tuesday May 3, 2016 4:30pm - 4:45pm
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230
Wednesday, May 4




Welcome by Lumen Prize – Carla Rapoport , Founder & Director
avatar for Lumen Prize

Lumen Prize

Now in its fifth year, The Lumen Prize celebrates the very best art created digitally by artists around the world. Its goal is to celebrate the power and potential of this exciting genre through an annual competition and global tour of works selected by an eminent panel of judges. Since... Read More →
avatar for The Lumen Prize

The Lumen Prize

Director & Founder, The Lumen Prize
The Lumen Prize is the pre-eminent global award and tour for digital art. The prize celebrates the very best art created digitally. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, its goal is to focus the world’s attention on this exciting genre through an annual competition, a global tour... Read More →

Wednesday May 4, 2016 9:40am - 10:00am
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230


Artist Talk 1- VR Art: Illusion and Immersion in Contemporary Digital Practice
Michael Takeo Magruder, Lumen Prize Immersive Environments Winner, Development of VR Technology for Artists

avatar for Michael Takeo Magruder

Michael Takeo Magruder

artist & researcher, -
Michael Takeo Magruder is a visual artist and researcher who works with new media including real-time data, digital archives, immersive environments, mobile devices and virtual worlds. His practice explores concepts ranging from media criticism and aesthetic journalism to digital... Read More →

avatar for Lumen Prize

Lumen Prize

Now in its fifth year, The Lumen Prize celebrates the very best art created digitally by artists around the world. Its goal is to celebrate the power and potential of this exciting genre through an annual competition and global tour of works selected by an eminent panel of judges. Since... Read More →

Wednesday May 4, 2016 10:45am - 11:00am
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230


Artist Talk 2: History of Digital Art in 15 Minutes
Dr Nick Lambert, President UK Computer Art Society, Head of Research, Ravensbourne College, UK

avatar for Nicholas Lambert

Nicholas Lambert

Head of Research, Ravensbourne, London
Dr Nick Lambert is Head of Research at Ravensbourne. Nick’s interests revolve around the digital medium and its application in contemporary art and visual culture. Through this, he engages with questions about the boundary between “fine” and “applied” arts, design and interfaces... Read More →

Wednesday May 4, 2016 11:45am - 12:00pm
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230


Recap + Introduction of afternoon sessions
avatar for Nicholas Lambert

Nicholas Lambert

Head of Research, Ravensbourne, London
Dr Nick Lambert is Head of Research at Ravensbourne. Nick’s interests revolve around the digital medium and its application in contemporary art and visual culture. Through this, he engages with questions about the boundary between “fine” and “applied” arts, design and interfaces... Read More →

Wednesday May 4, 2016 12:50pm - 1:00pm
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230


Artist Talk 3: Getting Touchy Feely
Interval Studios – Ken Kirschner and Joshue Ott

avatar for Joshue Ott

Joshue Ott

Principal, Interval Studios
Interactive Artwork Ambient Electronic Music OpenGL Mobile Applications

Wednesday May 4, 2016 1:00pm - 1:15pm
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230


Artist Talk 4: Scott Draves, Software Artist and 2015 Lumen Prize Founder’s Award Winner: How to Herd Electric Sheep
avatar for scott draves

scott draves

Founder, Electric Sheep
Scott Draves is an award-winning software artist, VJ, and a pioneer of the open source movement. His clients and exhibitions range from the likes of MoMA.org, LACMA, Google, and the Adler Planetarium to Skrillex. He has a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon and a BS in Math... Read More →
avatar for Lumen Prize

Lumen Prize

Now in its fifth year, The Lumen Prize celebrates the very best art created digitally by artists around the world. Its goal is to celebrate the power and potential of this exciting genre through an annual competition and global tour of works selected by an eminent panel of judges. Since... Read More →

Wednesday May 4, 2016 2:15pm - 2:30pm
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230


Wednesday May 4, 2016 4:00pm - 4:10pm
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230


Lumen Digital Art Reception at the Creative Tech Week Community Hub
Join us for an evening of prize-winning digital art from around the world - including talks, performances, refreshments and a chance to enjoy the Lumen Prize Exhibition of Digital Art which is travelling the world. Special presentation by VIPs and Lumen Prize Gold Winners Gibson/Martelli.

6-8 pm. Register your free ticket with us on Eventbrite

avatar for Lumen Prize

Lumen Prize

Now in its fifth year, The Lumen Prize celebrates the very best art created digitally by artists around the world. Its goal is to celebrate the power and potential of this exciting genre through an annual competition and global tour of works selected by an eminent panel of judges. Since... Read More →

avatar for St. Francis College Center for Entrepreneurship

St. Francis College Center for Entrepreneurship

Through programs of research, education, infrastructure, and strategic collaborations with business partners and entrepreneurs, the Center for Entrepreneurship at St. Francis College strives to stimulate entrepreneurial initiatives, facilitate value creation, and sustain entrepreneurial... Read More →

Wednesday May 4, 2016 6:00pm - 8:00pm
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230
Thursday, May 5


Tools for Creating in the 4th Dimension
Linda will discuss "Tools for Creating in the 4th Dimension" --VR, AR headsets, 360 cameras, auto stereo etc.

avatar for Linda Law

Linda Law

Director, Linda Law Holographics
Linda Law has a long history of using digital creative tools. Working with Digital Holography and other cutting edge new media, she explores multidimensional interactions with the natural world. For this exhibition, Law will be exhibiting some examples of her studies of light on water... Read More →

Thursday May 5, 2016 10:00am - 10:30am
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230


Weaving and Digital Innovation
Lia Cook will discuss a variety of media combining weaving with painting, photography, video and digital technology. Her current practice explores the sensuality of the woven image and the emotional connections to memories of touch and cloth. Working in collaboration with neuroscientists, investigating the nature of the emotional response to woven faces by mapping in the brain these responses and using the laboratory experience both with process and tools to stimulate new work in reaction to these investigations. She works wiyh both scientific studys as well an artistic response to these unexpected sources, exploring the territory between scientific investigation and artistic interpretation. She uses DSI Diffusion Spectrum Imaging of the brain and TrackVis software from Harvard to look at the fiber connections of communication between parts of the brain and to integrate these fiber tracks with the actual fiber connections that make up the woven translation of an image.

avatar for Lia Cook

Lia Cook

Professor, CCA
Lia Cook, a leading, innovative fiber artist, creates striking contemporary portraits by building on the traditional fiber craft of weaving. Starting from scans of small photographs of herself as a child or young woman, she uses a digital Jacquard hand loom to create large scale works... Read More →

Thursday May 5, 2016 10:30am - 10:45am
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230


Bringing Mobile to Physical Installations
Since its beginning, Potion has been interested in introducing the digital into physical spaces. Early on, this often meant creating bespoke objects for each project. There are now more and more off-the-shelf hardware options available, but the motivation to create a unique experience for a specific place and concept persists. The design of these experiences increasingly must consider the impact of mobile devices. In the past decade, the expectations surrounding people's use of and relationship with these devices has changed dramatically. Unlike a decade ago, the assumption is now that people will have a device with them, which may can be incorporated into the experience, and can even actively compete with the experience. What considerations are there in using these sorts of devices? If we design an experience that uses a person's own device, does their intimate relationship with that device make them more willing to take the experience into their personal space, or does it make them more distrustful? What sort of control do we lose by putting a part of the experience literally in a person's hands? And, if a download is required, what kind of compelling reason can we create for the person to oblige? Where should this area move, and what behaviors do we want to drive? This talk will look into some of the projects Potion has created that use mobile devices -- both those provided by the institution itself (such as audio guides), and those owned by intended audience -- as well as consider what directions we should consider for the future.

avatar for Jennifer Presto

Jennifer Presto

Developer, Potion Design
Jennifer is a developer. She enjoys using code to create light, humorous, and (hopefully) insightful machine-to-person and person-to-person interactions. At Potion, she works with a variety of technologies to create, among other things, unique physical installations. Before venturing... Read More →

avatar for Potion Design

Potion Design

The Potion Design Studio crafts technology into intuitive interactive experiences. Our teams collaborate with cultural, institutional, and corporate clients and express their stories in new digital forms that educate, entertain, and delight people all around the world.

Thursday May 5, 2016 11:15am - 11:30am
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230


Algorithmic Art
People often think art and math are somehow incompatible, or have nothing to do with each other. While they do represent different ways of thinking, I see beauty in both and many connections between them. I was given the invitation and space to play and explore the blending of art, math, science, nature, algorithms, and computers. And I invite you to do the same.

This is a short artist talk about my work, background and inspirations. 

avatar for Nathan Selikoff

Nathan Selikoff

Freelance Sr. Developer / Artist
Nathan Selikoff's award-winning artwork has been exhibited and performed in galleries and venues throughout the United States and around the world. He is also the creator of Local Notebooks and the founder of Processing Orlando, a bi-monthly meetup for artists interested in using... Read More →

Thursday May 5, 2016 11:30am - 11:45am
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230


The Signal and the Noise: How Data Becomes Public Art
Ben Rubin has turned Shakespeare, The New York Times, novels, source code, and leaked diplomatic cables into media art installations. He will discuss these works and give a preview of new public work in progress that uses data of a very different kind.

avatar for Ben Rubin

Ben Rubin

Artist and designer Ben Rubin is the Director of the Parsons Institute for Information Mapping. Rubin’s innovative applications of media and information technology have been seen at museums, public spaces, and performance venues around the world. Some of Rubin’s best known work includes the media installations Moveable Type (2007), a permanent artwork for the lobby of the Ne... Read More →


Thursday May 5, 2016 1:45pm - 2:15pm
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230


The Technology behind the Art of Burning Man
Come hear Burning Man artists share their experiences with bringing techology to one of the most radical, interactive, exteme festivals in the world. We'll talk about how creating work for Burning Man is different, how to strike a balance between artistic expression and technological innovation, and best practices for using technology in art in festival environments.  Our panelists demonstrate the variety of work that is present at Burning Man, including honorarium recipients as well as long-time burners who create independent work.

Featured panelists include:
NEWLY ADDED! Jen Lewin (Jen Lewin Studios, creators of Super Pool, interactive electronic art)
Lana and John Briscella (Aminimal Studios, 3d printing and laser cut decorative arts)
Michael Dewberry (fire and interactive electronics)
Kate Raudenbush (industrial art)
Kiori Kawai and Aaron Sherwood (Purring Tiger Studios, performance and interactive electronics)

avatar for Michael Dewberry

Michael Dewberry

Artist / Senior Principal Engineer, Autodesk
Michael "Dewb" Dewberry works with steel, software, video, light, fire, and robotics to create sculpture and interactive installations. He's had a role in large Boston-based Burning Man honorarium projects every year since 2013, and brought his first solo fire piece to the desert... Read More →
avatar for Kiori Kawai

Kiori Kawai

Co-artistic director, Purring Tiger
Kiori Kawai (Japanese, b. 1978) holds a B.A. in Performing Arts from the Osaka University of Arts. She founded “Purring Tiger” with Aaron Sherwood in 2011. Their interactive art installations and performances have been commissioned and appeared at Burning Man Art Festival, Brooklyn... Read More →
avatar for Becky Neil

Becky Neil

Public Art Project Manager
I've been building interactive art for 6+ years at Burning Man, festivals, and public spaces. I love creating work that shifts how people experience their world and builds commuity around creativity. Ask me about managing volunteers, calendars, complicated logistics, budgeting... Read More →
avatar for Kate Raudenbush

Kate Raudenbush

Artist, Kate Raudenbush Experiments
Kate Raudenbush is a New York-based, Burning Man-bred artist who resonates deeply with environmental issues and our evolving humanity. Kate is a creator of large immersive & allegorical sculpture works that catalyze social engagement, while exploring themes that range from technological... Read More →

Thursday May 5, 2016 4:40pm - 5:40pm
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230
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