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Friday, April 29


Build an Email Marketing Newsletter in HTML & CSS
Do you want to take your marketing skills to the next level? Do you have an event/small business and want to send a customized newsletter to your friends/customers? Building an email newsletter is different than building a web page but you use the same language in HTML and CSS. In this class, you’ll learn the fundamental techniques to build out a simple email newsletter in HTML and CSS (including testing and shipping) in under two hours!


Friday April 29, 2016 TBA
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Monday, May 2


View Source: A Web Digging Workshop
Limited Capacity seats available
Registration is free but required – sign up here.

The two layers of online experience we most often talk about are interactions and their underlying technology. We unpack conversations and transactions happening online (anti-feminist rhetoric, how Twitter differs from Medium), and we discuss how algorithms shape those experiences (Facebook's decisions about what is in your feed, A/B testing). But at an intermediary level, an entire corpus of text is being written in Javascript variables and HTML comments, standardized but hidden files, and even the structure of websites themselves. This workshop will investigate these intermediary layers from a critical, exploratory point of view.

For example: the programming language Javascript plays an increasingly large role in the function of websites. Human programmers create variables in their code that were intended only to be read by other programmers on the project and the computer interpreting their code. For example, looking at Amazon.com's Javascript variables, we see both readable (altText, expand) and obscured (a, D) names. We can also see that eight of the 175 variables are using the popular JQuery plugin, since they start with the $ symbol.

This workshop will investigate these and other hidden website structures with a hackathon-like methodology of play and exploration. After an hour of short, fairly low-tech tutorials to introduce tools and methodologies, participants will spend 1.5-hours digging across the web. All levels of technical expertise will be encouraged.

Some of the tools introduced will be:
  • Expert Google searching, such as how to only return .mil websites
  • How to view the source code of a page
  • Searching and regular expressions for extracting content from pages
  • Using the wget command to automatically download an entire website
  • Firefox's Developer Tools, which can show the CSS rules applied to a given object on the page, as well as a very interesting "3D View", which displays the physical nesting of HTML tags as an interactive 3D model

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Jeff Thompson

Assistant Professor and Program Director, Visual Arts & Technology, Stevens Institute of Technology
Jeff Thompson is an artist, programmer, hacker, and educator based in the NYC area. He is currently Assistant Professor and Program Director of Visual Art & Technology at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. His work explores collaboration with, empathy for... Read More →


Arduino 101 Workshop
This event is free and open to everyone!

Creativity is innate, technology is learnt. It is helpful to have guidance getting started with electronics using Arduino, a platform for making interactive electronics projects. With literacy of Arduino, it enables one to use sensors, motors, LED's and a range of devices to create. We will be giving a hands-on introduction where you will be able to power-on for the first time your own electronics projects.

In this 90-minute workshop, we will talk about the considerations involved in creating an electronics project, how basic prototyping can be done with Arduino, how one can create a case for the device through digital fabrication, and advice for more advanced projects.

This is also the launch event of City Tech Meetup, an open group to support getting started with software and hardware projects. We will be introducing our future offerings of other getting started workshops, such as 3D modeling for 3D printing and our mentoring on individual projects. We can provide expertise of resources, local and remote, to help make your idea come to fruition.

Please be sure to bring a laptop with you, preferably a pc.

You can take the electronics kit that you worked on in class for $20.

Get a head start and see our powerpoint presentation and
download the Arduino Software Development Kit (SDK) here prior to the event:

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Junior Data Scientist, Data Analytics NYC
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Farrukh Zia

Professor, NYC College of Technology - CUNY
Professor Farrukh Zia earned his Master’s and PhD degrees in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University in 1988 and 1996, respectively. Before he joined the CET/EMT department of New York City College of Technology in 2002, he worked for Lucent Technologies in New Jersey as... Read More →

Thursday, May 5


Serious Play: Low-Tech Prototypes for High-Tech Ideas
This workshop is a hands-on introduction to prototyping interactive installations through low-tech tools and materials. We’ll begin with an introduction of our methodology, which involves breaking concepts up into bite-size challenges, and categorizing them by challenges of experience, aesthetics, or technicality. We’ll then survey a range of prototyping techniques, focusing on “bodystorming” (live role-playing) and paper prototyping. Within this, we’ll show how a series of high-tech projects began with simple cardboard mockups.

After this brief introduction, participants (working in groups) will be given a simple prompt to quickly concept an architectural-scale installation. They will be tasked with producing a human-scale, acted-out mockup within an hour. We will help them think through tasks and build, but will be stressing the importance of thinking of the physical making as “sketching” in space–that ideas aren’t precious, and prototypes are for working through problems, not making the perfect installation.

Finally, the groups will be invited to present and act out their concepts to the larger group, and to share their immediate learnings from the process.

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At Collins, we see a world where all points converge. Digital into physical. Consumer into producer. Biology into technology. We call it the Convergence Era. And while this era reaches far beyond brands, it’s forever altered how we build them. What was once siloed is now integrated... Read More →

Thursday May 5, 2016 11:30am - 12:15pm
St. Francis College 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11230