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Luke Schantz

Developer Advocate
Luke Schantz is an IBM Developer Advocate and a multi-disciplinary creative and technical professional.  He helps developers and businesses solve problems in order to build scalable solutions.  

Notably, Luke spent 5 years working with the Blue Man Group. His creative work with them has been seen by millions of people world wide. He was also a featured influencer for both Makerbot and 3D Systems Corporation.

In addition to his professional works, Luke is passionate about and active in a variety of Maker and Creative Engineering endeavors. He has taught courses in Multi-Media Programing, 3D Design, Animation, 3D Printing and Electronics.  He has also been a guest lecturer at NYU, The New School, Temple University and a senior projects advisor at Drexel University.  He and his wife were the first couple ever 3D laser scanned on their wedding day.

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