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Benton C Bainbridge

Moving Pictures Gallery
The Bronx
BENTON C BAINBRIDGE is a Bronx artist who creates immersive environments, interactive installations and time-based works with custom A/V systems.

}He is best known for visual performances, solo and in diverse collaborations. Bainbridge VJ’d for 2 Beastie Boys world tours and made analog video synth FX for TV On The Radio’s “Staring at the Sun”. His media art has shown globally; Kaki King/Glowing Pictures “The Neck is a Bridge to the Body” is touring now.

Currently, Bainbridge is exhibiting digital media art with s[edition] and http://movingpictures.gallery. Moving Pictures Gallery exhibits Performing Systems: media art made in real-time with custom audio/visual toolsets.

Benton has been resident media artist at One Step Beyond since its inception; the event is now in its 9th Season at American Museum of Natural History.