Creative Tech Week has ended

Paul Miller

Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky has been traveling around India recently to work on his latest project, "Heart of a River." Starting May 2nd he will be in residence at Harvestworks working on the tech behind the project with the new XTH Sense, the world's first biocreative instrument created by XTH, Inc. 

With the collaboration of Heidi Boisvert and Marco Donnarumma, co-founders at XTH, Miller will explore ideas about art and data and bring those ideas to different logical extremes. This group of compositions is about water, cities, climate change, and the evolving role of the artist and composer in a data-driven society.

He is joined by choreographer Jody Sperling, whose body gestures would generate electronic tones based on muscle sounds and motion data captured by the XTH Sense. This would generate visual material from the data as well.